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About us

Under the leadership of Carl Haspels Aircargo goes through a healthy growth. Carl is a young entrepreneur who has earned his stripes in logistics. With a professional network he serves clients from all over the world. His motto is ‘ no job is too difficult ‘. No matter how the way of transport is, by air, road or sea, quality, service and a competitive price will always be favourable.

The Aircargo team works with the same spirit. Together they developed the core values ​​for the company and uses their expertise to apply where its possible.

The core values ​​of Aircargo are:

Passion & driven
The team is driven to make the company successful, and increase the growth of the company. The employees have passion for their work and for the customers, they are able to do exactly what is needed.

Unlimited service
The team finds solutions for their customers, even if its outside of the box. Basically unlimited. They go a step further than other parties and that works. Not always, but in that case the employees of Aircargo are so close to their customers that there is a direct and effective discussion towards a solution.

Have the courage & innovation
Especially director Carl embodies this core value. With a healthy dose of bluff and guts, he operates in a Global Market and with this he attracts very different markets. With this core value he is able to make acquisitions, collaborations and possible mergers. This core value radiates directly to the team that feels challenged to operate in the same line.

Fast & strong
This core value is supported by the entire team. After each request, a quote is sent quickly, faster than the customer may be used to from larger, bulky parties. There is rapid switching, solutions are quickly brought forward. A strong team that experienced the customers. If someone is not there, or from his place, a colleague picks up something flawlessly and the operation proceeds silently.

Value for money
This core value indicates that things are well organized and financially well. Aircargo may not be the cheapest logistics partner, but certainly not the most expensive. Within these margins, customers receive value for money and they know exactly what they pay for on the basis of clear and transparent agreements.

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Postal address: P O Box 216, 2130 AE Hoofddorp
Visiting address: Jacobus spijkerdreef 254, 2132PZ Hoofddorp
Goods delivery point: Bijlmermeerstraat 30, 2131HC,  Hoofddorp

Phone: +31 88-0882407

Email: info@aircargo.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 34251536
VAT number: NL816027821.B01
Account number: NL62 RABO 0333 0620 19

Phone: +31 88-0882407