Are you searching for a reliable company, than this is the company to be with. Aircargo transports all your Perishables from Schiphol Airport. By Perishables, like flowers and plants, is it necessary that they are at the destination on time. That’s because only then the shipment is as fresh as is possible. We make sure that the shipment is checked in and ships as fast as possible, so that your Perishables are as fresh as possible.


Aircargo has grown in the last years to a specialist in the export handling from your flowers and plants. With big cool- and back cooling facilities your flowers and plants stay guaranteed fresh. We also fix the customs-clearances, transit documents and the needed customs-declaration for your shipment.

Good connections

If you want to transport a one-off or daily Perishables, we handle this with the greatest care. Aircargo has a good network with many airlines, this is how we can transport your Perishables to any destination. Beside that we take care you receive the sharpest rate possible. Because of our good relationships with the airlines, we can give you the sharpest possible price.

Our benefits in a row:

  • Every foreign destination is possible
  • Good contacts with all the airlines which operate from The Netherlands
  • Small company, short lines, so fast personal contact
  • The whole process from your Perishable export is done by specialists, whom you always have as a contact.

Do you want to know what we can mean for your Perishables? Then call us Aircargo. U can also mail us to or call to +31 (0) 297 365 339.