There is a lot to look at by exporting big machines. You want this to happens as careful and quick as possible. Beside that you want to pay a reasonable price. Aircargo has a lot of experience with exporting big machines.

Careful shipping

Aircargo maintains good contact with different airlines. Hereby we know for sure that the concerning airlines will carefully send your big machines. Beside that there is always a very sharp price, so you don’t pay to much.

A contact

At Aircargo we think that it is important that you can contact us quick when you have any questions. That is why there is always one person who is your contact, this contact will complete the whole process for you. All our workers are trained to organize the whole export process and they can answer all your questions.

All over the world

Aircargo is connected to a few international networks, so you are insured that your export process will go safely. Through Aircargo it is possible to send your shipment all over the world. We use our own transport for this, but also from reputable transporters from our network.

Do you want to export big machines? Then take non-committal contact with Aircargo. You can send us an email on or you can call to +31 (0)297 365 339.