Your goods are handled with the utmost care. As if they were our own.

You want to export perishables, large machines, pallet parties, small packets or furniture; Once or daily. Whatever the content and frequency of your shipment is, we will organize it for you. To any foreign destination. To this end we have made clear agreements with all airlines operating out of the Netherlands. So that we can always provide the best solution for every cargo and every destination.

to retrieve your goods also please contact us. Throughout Europe. For this we use our own transport, but also from leading carriers in our network.

We also arrange all customs clearance, transit documents and any other customs declarations. Quickly, accurately and in full accordance with laws and regulations.

Your goods are handled with the utmost care. As if they were our own. From the moment we receive your goods, we keep a keen eye on them. Want to watch us? Through this website you can track your shipment and its status at all times. Should an unexpected problem arise somewhere during the transport, we will solve it for you as soon as possible. Also featuring the services of!

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Want to know more about our export service or you have a specific question? Send an email to or call +31 (0) 297 365 339. Our specialists will answer your question as quickly and effectively as possible.

To take advantage of our export service? Then fill out the form on this page . You receive an immediate quote.

Export provides the best solution for any cargo, for any destination.

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Import takes care of the import of your cargo from door to door.

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Customs acts as your personal, independent customs officer.

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Track & Trace offers Track and Trace functionality.

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Warehousing provides warehousing for the storage of your goods.

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