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Export Perishables from Schiphol

Perishables, such as flowers and plants, are about the most suitable sender and speed. The parties must arrive fresh and undamaged at the place of destination. Aircargo is a specialist in the field of booking perishables and is described by its clients as fast, reliable and professional. 

Good connection 

Aircargo mainly has clients who want to export perishables on a daily basis. That does not mean that you can of course also come to us for a one-time shipment. We have an extensive network of airlines. This allows us to transport your perishables to any foreign destination. You get value for your money. Our good connections with the airlines guarantee that you will not pay a cent too much. 

Why Aircargo? 

- Every foreign destination possible. - Good contact with all airlines operating in the Netherlands. - Small teams, so quick and professional contact. - The process supervision of the export of your perishables is regularly done by one person, so you always have a clear point of contact.

Project cargo

Export large material and machines 

Exporting large material and large machines requires expertise. With Aircargo's experience, expertise and broad network you can count on this process being carried out quickly and carefully. Naturally, a competitive price-quality ratio also applies here. 

Send carefully 

Aircargo maintains good contact with various airlines. This allows us to select exactly which party will take care of your large shipment to its destination. 

One point of contact 

Personal contact is one of the core values ​​of Aircargo. For a quick and accurate processing of your applications you have as much contact as possible with one professional employee. He supervises the entire process and, where possible, contributes to a good completion. No time-consuming "transfer" but fast and good work, that's what you can count on at Aircargo. 

Anywhere in the world 

Aircargo is affiliated with the WCA. This ensures that the export is secure. Large equipment and large machines can be sent to any country worldwide.

Aircargo is an independent air freight forwarder. This means that we have no obligation whatsoever with regard to any airline. That is why we are always able to offer you an optimal solution under the most favorable conditions at that time.
Worldwide AirCargo

“The tougher it gets the better we are”

A strong team

Aircargo is experiencing healthy growth under the direction of Carl Haspels. Carl is a young entrepreneur who has earned his spurs in logistics. Clients from all over the world are served with a professional network. His motto is "no assignment too difficult." Regardless of the mode of transport, by air, road or sea, quality, service and a competitive rate are paramount.

Core values

The Aircargo team works from the same spirit. Together they have developed the core values ​​for the company and where possible they are made known or applied. Read the core values ​​here.

Cargo by Air

"AirCargo thinks along and proactively comes up with proposals to make the project a success. A great collaboration."

Carl Haspels
CEO, AirCargo


With we offer export companies the possibility to process export declarations quickly and extremely cheaply. Sending an e-mail with your data is sufficient, you will immediately receive the ready-made export document.

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Visiting address: Jacobus spijkerdreef 254, 2132PZ Hoofddorp          
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  • Postal address:
  • Postbus 216
  • 2130 AE Hoofddorp
  • Visiting address:
  • Jacobus spijkerdreef 254
  • 2132 PZ Hoofddorp
  • Goods delivery point:
  • Bijlmermeerstraat 30
  • 2131 HC Hoofddorp
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 34251536
  • VAT number: NL816027821.B01
  • Account Number: NL62 RABO 0333 0620 19
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